Adding a custom launcher to Amazon Fire Tablet

*The article was written for the Amazon Fire 5th Generation. Amazon have launched a new Fire on the 7th June. I have not tested this with the newer model but expect it will be similar.*

I bought an Amazon Fire Tablet when they were on sale for £34.99 and for the price its a complete bargain. Amazon have launched a new Fire Tablet on the 7th June costing £49.99. I would argue there is no better priced tablet out there. It’s by no means perfect but adding Google Play Store solves the majority of the downsides. The only other thing that was bothering me was the Amazon Fire OS. While the tablet runs Android it runs a highly modded version and I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the layout. It is possible to install a different launcher to make it look more like stock Android and add more features. It takes around 5 minutes to complete and is straightforward.

The basic steps are:

  1. Allow Apps Installation from Unknown Sources
  2. Install LauncherHijack APK
  3. Install a custom launcher from Google Play Store

The first thing we need to do is to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. This is done by going into Settings and selecting Security.

Once in security turn on Apps from Unknown Sources. A warning will pop up and select ok.


Next we need to install LauncherHijack. On your Fire Tablet download the APK by clicking the link – a pop-over should appear asking you whether you wish to download the file or not. Select Download



Once the download is complete, press the three dots beside the address bar to open up the menu. Select Downloads.



Once in the Downloads page select the app-release.apk



Next will be the permissions page. Select Install.



You are now ready to install a custom launcher from the Google App Store. I personally recommend Nova Launcher but any launcher should work. Here is my App Screen now with Nova Launcher installed.


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