AddressPal to expand to offer a US Address?

AddressPal is An Post’s answer to Parcel Motel. They offer a virtual address in Mainland UK which is a big plus compared to Parcel Motel, Parcel Connect and Parcel Wizard. However, apart from this, there isn’t much going for the service in my opinion. It’s slow, got a very low included insurance amount and cannot be tracked. However, there is no denying its popular – they have over 100,000 registered customers and are processing 20,000 parcels a week.

Edited to add – I found this link to this article from rabjoshu on 

The An Post director of sales and marketing has said “Our 2017 plans include the launch of AddressPal from the United States and a home delivery option for all AddressPal shopping” I’m intrigued as to how the US virtual address will be implemented. There are options already – and Shipito are the ones I’ve used before. The issue is the price. A 1KG parcel measuring 10cmx10cmx10cm costs $25 to ship with Shipito on top of their fees. This means it’s only really worthwhile for valuable items but then taking into account customs, the savings could well be negated. Also, AddressPal would have to address the very low insurance they currently offer. I’m interested to see how customs would work in practise. Would it be completed ‘ahead of time’ like eBay Global Shipping or treated as a standard An Post parcel arriving into Ireland?

Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing their offering. A reasonably priced US mail forwarding address would be very useful.

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    1. Yes, the US mail forwarding has launched with AddressPal. I’m away at the moment but when I’m back I’ll do some reviews. Its slightly more expensive than I was hoping.

  1. Tried to use if for the first time by buying a pair of shoes in the US. Didn’t receive anything, even though the package was delivered using UPS. Contacted them and they said that UPS had delivered to the wrong address as it said Manalapan on the UPS delivery slip (Englishtown is in the Manalapan township). Turns out they enlisted a company called Polar Express to provide this service. They are a seriously dodgy (just have a look at their website), so unfortunately this is not a viable option for shipping stuff from the US…

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