Aer Club Server Error finally resolved

Aer Lingus recently launched a new frequent flyer program called Aer Club to replace their Gold Circle. It would be fair to say things have not gone well – you just need to look at the boards thread or AerClubSucks on Twitter. When asked about the migration to Aer Club the CEO of Aer Lingus Stephen Kavanagh said “My job is not to keep everybody happy,” .. “My job is to reward those customers that actually deliver margin.” While I fully agree with him that there no point rewarding customers that provide no real margin to Aer Lingus, I believe offering a loyalty program that does not live up to its promises is far more damaging then not offering a loyalty program at all.

I’ve been trying to get my Aer Club account active since February 23rd. While my account appeared to be set up, every time I logged in, it asked me to register for Aer Club again.


I would fill out the form again and submit it to be greeted with a Server Error.



Also, for some reason the Aer Lingus website always defaulted to United Arab Emirates no matter how many times I changed it to Ireland. I first contacted Aer Lingus on Twitter in February. They said they would be looking into it and four days later asked for more details. I supplied all the requested details and they said they would escalate the issue. A week passed without a response, I asked for an update and received no response. After a further request for an update I was told by the Twitter team that it was with Aer Club and there was nothing more they could do. I rang the Aer Club number a few times but every time was just told they’d send the case to the tech guys.

I finally got a ‘direct’ email to the Aer Club which is I sent off two emails on the 25th April and 8th May. Finally on May 19th I was contacted by them requesting further details. I sent them a video screenshot of what happens. During this conversation the replies to emails were very quick. I was told the issue would be resolved on the 23rd but in the end it wasn’t resolved until the 25th. The initial response from Aer Lingus was a bit poor but once the Aer Club got around to dealing with my case they were brilliant. Yes the fix took a few days longer than they said but they were very quick to update and very apologetic for the delay. I imagine they have a huge number of cases to resolve and are doing their best. Either way at least I’m set up and fully working so if you are having issues with Aer Club, I’d recommend sending an email to them at and be patient.

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