AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser – Review

I’ve always been very wary of driving over the limit and normally just don’t drive if I’ve had alcohol that day. However, the morning after it’s very difficult to work out when you’re under the limit. I purchased a breathalyser a few years ago which cost less than a tenner. I used it but was always worried with the results and wouldn’t drive if the unit picked up any alcohol in my breath at all. Recently I decided to invest in a much more accurate unit. The brand that seemed to stand out is AlcoSense. I purchased the AlcoSense Excel breathalyser on Amazon for £99.99. At the time I knew that they were sold out of the Excel breathalysers and instead were sending out the more expensive AlcoSense Pro as a free upgrade. This unit costs £149.99 so it’s not exactly cheap.  However, with talks of the drink driving limit being reduced again I think its a good investment. A few of my friends were really surprised to see what there breath alcohol limit was the morning  (or even afternoon) after a night of drinking.

Lite Elite Excel Pro Ultra
Accuracy ±0.2‰BAC at the drink drive limit ±0.2‰BAC over reading range +0.15‰BAC, -0.00‰BAC +0.1‰BAC, -0.00‰BAC +0.07‰BAC, -0.00‰BAC
Sensor Overload Protection  ✔
Time Until Sober  ✔
Unit of Measure ‰BAC ‰BAC, mg/L ‰BAC, mg/L ‰BAC, %BAC, mg/L, µg/100mL ‰BAC, %BAC, mg/L, µg/100mL
Included Accessories 5 Blow Tubes 5 Blow Tubes

5 Blow Tubes

PC Cable

5 Blow Tubes

PC Cable

100 Blow Tubes

PC Cable

Carry Case

Price £39.99 £59.99 £99.99 £149.99 £249.99


There are five different AlcoSense models ranging from £39.99 Lite to the £249.99 Ultra. I decide I didn’t want the Lite or the Elite. The accuracy range is quite wide and also it doesn’t allow you to change the legal limits. The Excel and Pro come preloaded with legal limits for multiple countries and allows you to change these limits should the laws change. I finally decided to go with the Pro as the Time Until Sober feature seemed very handy and the sensor is a smaller version used in several UK Police units. At the time they were giving free upgrades on Amazon from the Excel to Pro model which helped seal the deal.

I’ve been very impressed with the unit. After using it for the first time I instantly felt a lot more confident in the result. It is very easy to use. You simply slide up the front, attach a mouth piece and start blowing. The screen will then show you two bars – one for breath pressure and one for breath volume. This lets you know if you are blowing too hard or too softly and how much longer you need to blow for. It only requires a second or two of blowing and then shortly after it will display the result. If you are over or near the limit it will display the result, a do not drive sign and a time under sober estimate. It’s that simple.

I really think every driver that drinks should have a reliable breathalyser – it is very easy to still be well over the limit the next morning even if you feel fine. With the limit likely being reduced further and penalties increasing its easier to justify spending the money on a breathalyser.

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