Amazon Customer Support – Good but illogical

On Friday 20th Amazon had a sale offering £10 off an order of £50 or more. This was to celebrate being #1 in the 2017 UK Customer Satisfaction index. As offers go this is quite a good one as pretty much all items were included as long as they were sold by themselves and not a third party.

I had already placed an order for £153 on the 15th January that I had received. I decided to contact Amazon to see if they would refund me the £10. While I knew I wasn’t entitled to it, it does sound like something Amazon would do being so consumer centric. Also, the order was still within the return period so I could return the order and reorder with the discount. Originally I thought the cost of returning the order would have been €5 or so meaning I would only get a saving of €5. Not really worth the effort.

After chatting to the customer service agent they said this was not something Amazon would be able to do. But what they would do is refund the cost of posting the original order back to them and allow me to reorder with the discount. I tried to point out how illogical this would be compared to just refunding me the £10 to my gift card account but it really was a situation of computer says no.

While still chatting to the agent, I realised because the item had a lithium battery in it I couldn’t return it by An Post and Amazon said I had to send it to their UK warehouse. I told Amazon it would cost around €30 to get it couriered across and they said no problem. They ending up refunding me €30 for the return postage cost for the original order, allowing me to use the £10 discount on the new order and giving me free priority delivery to Ireland on the new order.

Obviously I’m happy I saved £10 but it turned into a bit of a rigmarole. I’m not really sure it was worth my time to do and can’t understand why Amazon would be willing to refund the €30 return postage and allow me to use to the discount code instead of just applying the discount to my original order.

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