Amazon Fire Tablet only £35

Amazon are currently selling the 8GB Fire Tablet for £35 which works out at around €41.50. Amazon regularly have the Kindle Fire on special offers. I picked up 4 at £29.99 for family during the Black Friday sales. I had a Nexus 7 when it was first launched but never really used it that much – I just didn’t see the need for one. I’m hoping to do some more travelling next month and I normally bring my Macbook Air but this time would prefer to leave it at home. I don’t want to always be worried about it getting nicked -at least if my Fire Tablet gets nicked its only €40 gone.


While £35 isn’t the cheapest the Fire Tablet has been this time its the Ad-Free version thats reduce. Amazon offer two versions of the Fire one with ads and one without ads. The cheaper ad supported version displays adverts for movies/books/downloads on the tablets lock screen. This would annoy me so having the Ad-Free version is good. However I’m planning on completely removing the Amazon operating system and flashing it with a more stock version of Android – I haven’t decided which yet. If I do manage to get it working without bricking the tablet I’ll do a how to post in the coming days.

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