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I recently had to send a letter to the UK that was semi urgent. Next day delivery using Courier Post was €31.50 and Express Post International was €11 for a 2 day delivery. I decided to go for the Express Post International. On the Calculate the Postage page it says Express Post International is a 2 day service with a specified delivery standard. I believed this meant I would be refunded the cost of postage if the item was not delivered in two days. The item took three days to be delivered.

I filled out the online claim form to request a refund of the postage cost, however the response was ‘Please be advised that delivery times for Express Post international are estimate only and not guaranteed therefore you would not be entitled to a refund of the postage paid.’   I replied with a screenshot of the two relevant pages.

Calculate Postage Results

 Express Post International page

The Express Post International page appears to contradict itself.

Under General Service Information:


  • Delivery times for Express Post international are estimate only and not guaranteed.
  • Delivery times as quoted are in working days. Working days are Monday to Friday and exclude Saturdays, Sundays, Bank or Public Holidays.

Under Compensation:

2. Compensation for delay: compensation of the cost of posting the Express Post item will be paid if the item is not delivered within the time given.


In fairness to An Post they refunded me in less than a week. I did suggest that update the Express Post International page with the correct information but to date they haven’t. So if you’re planning on using Express Post International it is not a 2 day or money back service. However, tracking was quite good although nothing showed up on the Royal Mail page until after it was delivered.


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