An Post’s AddressPal: My Experience

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I have only used AddressPal once. I was looking to buy a car part from a scrapyard in the UK and they offered free shipping to Mainland UK or a £20 surcharge to Northern Ireland. As AddressPal is the only service that offers a Mainland UK address it was a perfect chance to try it out. Signing up was simple – provide your details and select a post office to pickup from. Once you have completed the sign up process they will provide you with the address and your unique AddressPal ID. A couple of days later an AddressPal card will arrive at your home which you use when picking up parcels. The unique ID is 19 characters long which seems excessive -my parcel motel one is 6. It also appears to be linked to the post office you select to receive parcels at – I’m not sure if this means every time you select a new post office they send you a new card.

Example AddressPal Card

Once signed up, I went to place the order with the scrapyard on eBay. The address An Post provide is:

Air Business
Unit 5, The Merlin Centre
Acrewood Way
St Albans
Herts AL4 0JY

Which as you can see is quite long. When ordering it was too long to fit into the fields provided so instead I used:

Unit 5, The Merlin Centre
St Albans

The seller dispatched the item with Hermes and two days later Hermes delivered it to AddressPal in St Albans on a Friday. AddressPal don’t provide any tracking from when they receive the item in England to dropping it off at your local post office. There is no way to know they received the parcel and are processing it so you just have to wait. Their FAQ says it takes 3-4 working days to reach your local post office and sure enough on the Wednesday I received an email saying it was ready for collection. To collect the item from the post office you need to provide your AddressPal card and proof of ID. I went down to the post office, paid the €3.50  €3.75 fee and received my parcel without any issue.

Maximum Size:

Dimensions 72cm X 31cm X 25cm
Weight 20KG

If the item is oversized it will not be sent to your local post office instead it will have to be collected from your local Delivery Service Unit and a fee of €25 will apply. Items longer than 1.5m or length + girth over 3m will be refused at the UK Depot. Girth is 2x (Depth+Width)


  1. Mainland UK address instead of Northern Ireland
  2. At €3.50 its the cheapest service
  3. 20KG maximum weight compared to Parcel Motels 10KG


  1. There is no tracking from when the parcel is delivered to St Albans and it is delivered to your local post office.
  2. There is no insurance provided
  3. It’s quite slow -3-4 workings days to be available for collection

Overall I was happy enough with my AddressPal experience but I can’t see myself using it frequently, for me the Parcel Motel experience is more streamlined. I will keep the card though and use it anytime I need a Mainland UK address. There is a thread on which is full of other peoples experiences.

10 Replies to “An Post’s AddressPal: My Experience”

  1. I was a regular user for about six months ,overall parcel motel is a far superior service.
    A parcel worth over £200 recently went missing with address pal ,the customer service is the most frustrating thing i have ever experienced. They don’t give a c**p about you or your missing stuff and mostly will not even respond to emails ,you can phone an post’s customer service but they distance themselves from the whole thing, but will pass it on for you and you will hear no more. no matter the value all you will receive if you jump through hoop’s is £40

  2. Just heard on RTE1’s Liveline about all the shocking stories on parcels going missing some registered, but who can afford to do that all the time, but really terrible treatment given by customer service, one story i heard was shoes to the value being returned at the value of €80 but heard nothing back when reported lost & was given vouchers/money to the value of €8!!

    I only wanted a small package delivered, it seems they can do that, knock on wood!!

  3. I have two parcels missing by now , i lost about 300E on both parcels . Item arrived in depot , was signed there and than after two weeks there is not even evidence where they can be . november / december is the perfect time for stealing parcels.

  4. They lost my parcel about a month ago and im now battling the customer service back and forth lol, ive no idea how this will end but if im not getting full refund i’ll do my best that no one i know, and their friends on FB never ever trust these mupets, thats for sure… wish me luck ha

  5. I would recommend to stay away from addresspal ,I knew when my parcel has arrived in UK:s
    parcel depot ,delivery company send me email that item has been delivered and sins then addresspal all week
    been holding my parcel in depot and doing nothing finally I v got my parcel after 6 working days ,that is just

  6. I have been trying to get my parcel for the last two months of three handbags for an post. It was signed for in the post hub but never arrived a t my local post office. What can I do. I feel I’m getting the run-around.

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