Apple Pay Launches in Ireland

Android Pay launched in Ireland last December with KBC and AIB supporting it. This led to much speculation as to when Apple Pay will be launched in Ireland. Well today it launched in Ireland with two banks KBC and Ulster Bank. Its interesting to note AIB supports Android Pay but not Apple Pay. They have stated on Twitter they are talking with Apple but cannot offer a timeline for launching it.



Bank of Ireland don’t support either Android Pay or Apple Pay and from their talk-to forum on I would hold out to much hope for them launching it any time soon based on their response ‘Thanks for your posts and feedback. Please be assured I have escalated all feedback received here and we’ll continue to do so. We’ll let you know as soon as we support mobile payments.’

Apple pay allows you to make payments using your iPhone instead of a contactless card. When you tap your phone instead of your bank card on the terminal a token is sent to the terminal which is used to authorise the payment. You credit or debit cards are never sent to the terminal.

I haven’t owned an iPhone in years so I can’t offer an insights into Apple Pay. There is a large thread on discussing the launch which provides lots of information. I did however use Android Pay quite a lot for the two weeks I was with KBC and found it great – however, in all honesty after moving to N26 I can’t say I miss it. I thought I would miss it more but I just don’t. I still hope N26 launch support of Android and Apple Pay soon but I certainly wouldn’t move bank just for this one feature.

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