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I wrote this post months ago when I was travelling but forgot to hit publish. have been running a lot of cashback offers over the last few months some of which worked out as 50% discount. The promotion is quite easy, sign up for a account, add a debit or credit card, make a booking and after the stay the cashback amount will be credited to your selected debit/credit card. You do not need to pay the hotel using the same card – for all my stays I paid in cash. However, you do need to start the booking by clicking a promotional link.

The first promotion was $40 back on a spend of $80 or more but this has now changed to $40 back on a spend of $200 or more.

Then there was €75 back on a spend of €225 or more which appears to be expired now.

There is currently £40 back on a spend of £120 or more which is still active.

A lot of these codes are posted on SecretFlying Hotels or Bargain Alerts on so its worth keeping an eye on these.

When you click the link, you know the promotion is active if you see a big green banner on the bottom of the screen. I’ve made bookings on my laptop and tablet and both worked. The green banner is the important thing, if you don’t see it, the deal is not active.


About 5 days after I checked out I received an email which asked me to claim my reward. However, what appears to be a button to click wasn’t clickable. 3 days later the cashback was sent to my card.

After my third booking, the link was clickable. This was because I didn’t have a card associated with my friends account. Clicking that link, brought me to their account where I could add their card. 3 days later the cash back was ‘refunded’ to their card. We used both AIB Visa Debit and N26 MasterCard debit and had no problems with either.

I used the $40 off $80 twice on my account and both times the cashback was refunded to the same debit card however, according to the terms and conditions you can only avail of each promotion once. It might be an idea to mix between different accounts. I split my stay at the hotel to get the price as close $80 for maximum savings and I saved a significant amount.

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