Buying cell batteries

I’ll admit, this is a bit of a random post but I thought it was worth sharing. My car key battery is currently dying and a warning came up on the dashboard to replace them. Each key takes one CR1632 battery. I am normally a big fan of generic products but I have certain exceptions – Tyres and Batteries are the main two. I went to Tesco and they didn’t stock it, Woodies and Halfords had them but were looking at €5+ for each one. I then went looking online.

Amazon sell two Energizer CR1632 for £3.98 but it is an add-on item so you have to spend £10 to get it. I didn’t need anything else on Amazon so I had a look on eBay. There was a seller offering two Energizer batteries for €5.82 which was good value but would have to be dispatched from the UK and would take a few days to arrive. So I kept looking.

A quick Google and I found selling Panasonic CR1632 for €1.35 each excluding VAT. The total cost for two including delivery was €3.32. I was expecting the two batteries to be delivered by An Post in a small padded envelope but boy was I wrong. I received an email letting me know it was dispatched by UPS. The next day the UPS man arrived with a box.


I wasn’t sure whether they would actually use such a large box for two cell batteries. I opened it and inside was a lot of paper and two small cell batteries.



I can only presume Farnell made a loss on this transaction. I paid €2.70 excluding the VAT. I very much doubt that would cover the cost of the UPS delivery. Either way, they are very reasonably priced for cell batteries. Batteries tend to be very expensive in Bricks and Mortar stores and they tend to be things you forget to buy until you need them so the quick UPS delivery is definitely a big plus.

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