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Cashback sites receive commission for directing their users to a retailers site. Normally the commission is a percentage of the total sale value and the cashback site give a portion of this commission back to you the purchaser. Its a great way of getting discounts buying online and one I use regularly. There are/were three cashback specifically targeting Ireland that I know of –, and is now completely offline but I had used them in the past without issue. Their site wasn’t as polished as the others and I always got the impression everything was done manually on it. Either way, this is no longer an option. is still running although there are reports of very slow payout, untracked purchases, ignoring support requests and the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland have upheld a complaint against them. I used a lot but haven’t done so in a long time after having lots of purchases go untracked. Looking at my account, I’ve received over €150 worth of cashback but unfortunately they seem to have gone down hill in the last few years.


I’ve no experience with although their twitter hasn’t been updated since 2011 which doesn’t inspire much confidence. Also, the site’s blog claim its’s run by Dealium which also runs and But on the contact us page it seems to be part of a Romanian business. Emailing ends up in a bounce back email. I’ve emailed the WHOIS email and am hoping to hear back soon.

With these three sites not being overly attractive I decided to look across the water for ones. is a UK site with a section for Irish residents. Although I have used many sites that are not listed under their Ireland Cashback section. They pay out by PayPal, Avios, Amazon Gift Card and other stores gift cards. I’ve used them for a good few years now and normally get paid out by Amazon Gift Card. The ‘best’ two cashback offers I’ve found on TCB for me is 1% and Aliexpress 8.62%. Obviously this is very subjective but take a look around their site – they’ve hundreds of retailers to choose from, far to many for me to even begin to list here.

While the three Irish ones continue to have their problems I will use TCB. Its not an ideal situation, everything is in sterling, I’ve had to tick a box to ‘confirm I’m an UK resident’ before receiving a payout and some retailers require you to enter in a UK bank account before being eligible for cashback. Event with these issues TCB is the site I will continue to use for the time being.

I really think Ireland could sustain a cashback site I even went as far as trying to track down owners online to offer to buy the site from them. However, maybe there is a reason so many have tried and appeared to have failed in creating a cashback site targeting Ireland.

In the interest of full-disclosure, links to TopCashBack are affiliate links. Should you click through to TopCashBack via my affiliate link and earn cashbackI will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

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  1. I’ve started using Quidco. Seems to have tracked accurately from my purchase I can’t comment on payout just yet as I won’t get payout until after the stay. Similar to Topcashback amounts are in GBP.

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