Video on N26 Security

As I mentioned yesterday there are some safety concerns over how N26 secures their customers details and accounts. This is an issue all Fintech companies will experience – the trade-off between getting a product launched quickly and ensuring the product is completely secure. The video is 30 minutes long and I found it very interesting. While the video concentrates on the programming styles and design choices N26 made you do not necessarily need a background in programming to find it interesting.

N26 Online Bank Account

I’ve recently been looking to move my current account as I had a bad experience with Bank of Ireland. Ideally I don’t want to have to deal with keeping a minimum balance or lodging a certain amount of cash each money to receive fee-free banking. In the end I decided to go with KBC Extra account – even though I am required to lodge €2,500 per month, Android Pay played a large part in swaying me. The account was finally opened the same day I realise KBC might be leaving the Irish market. When looking into the options, N26 jumped out at…