Collecting DHL shipments from a DHL Locker

I first came across the DHL locker idea a few months ago from a boards post. They appear to be branded as swipBox. Today I received an email letting me know DHL will be delivering a parcel to me tomorrow. The email contained a link to a webpage that gave me options to redirect the package, hold the package, change the delivery date or leave delivery instructions. Even though I would probably have been home to accept the parcel, I decided to select to pick it up from a Parcel Locker to see how the service works. There aren’t that many lockers available but luckily one is near me.



The first step is to select the DHL Service Point Locker to collect from. It seems some are lockers similar to Parcel Motel and some are DHL Shops. I decided not to select the DHL Service Point in Trinity Central on Pearse St as I believe it won’t be a locker.



After selecting the Service Point Locker you need to enter in a passcode that will be sent to you either by text or email. Click the button beside mobile number/email address and you should receive the passcode. Enter in the passcode and select OK.



The last step is to verify your contact details.



The whole process took less than a minute and I received an email confirming that the parcel would be delivered to the Service Point locker tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing how smooth this will go..

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