Correction: N26 has not changed their ATM policy

Earlier this week I posted that N26 has changed their ATM Fair Use Policy. Irish customers get 5 free euro ATM withdrawals per month with each additional euro ATM withdrawal costing €2. ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies incur a 1.7% fee. This fee is waived for N26 Black customers which means if you have a N26 black account you are limited to 5 free euro ATM withdrawals but had unlimited free ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies each month. This is a feature I have used a lot. In nearly a year of being a N26 Black customer I’ve completed 2 or 3 euro ATM withdrawals but probably close to 50 foreign withdrawals.

When I was last travelling two weeks ago, a notification appeared on my N26 app saying the ATM fair use policy starts today. This notification no longer displays – but I was certain it said ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies would be included in the fair use policy. I posted about this change and it appears I was the only one who got this notification. I reached out to N26 and they confirmed there has been no change to the ATM fair use policy.

I’m not sure how I misread the notification so badly but I’m happy out. As I mentioned in my previous post there is a fair use counter now on the app. I am travelling shortly so will do a foreign ATM withdrawal and see if it is displayed in the counter. But it appears it’s business as usual with N26.

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