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I had never heard of DHL swipBOX until I read a post on where a user had a parcel that was being delivered by DHL and he got a text telling him to pick it up from his local swipBOX. It turned out to be a mistake and DHL resolved the issued for him but it made me curious about the product. From a physical point of view it looks very much like a Parcel Motel and it appears to be the same general idea. DHL will drop of the parcel to the swipBOX and then you collect it yourself from there. I haven’t seen any marketing done by DHL so was interested to see how widespread they are across Ireland.

There are 13 swipBOXs in Dublin and also one in Kildare, Galway, Wexford, Cork, Meath, Limerick and Dundalk. They are mostly located in shops such as Costcutters and Spar. Their website is a big vague when it comes to explaining how to use the swipBOX. My understanding is that you must provide the address of your local swipBox which you can find on their locations page and your mobile number number to the sender. The sender then uses this address. Once the parcel is delivered to the swipBOX you are sent a text message with a code to pick up the parcel with. There doesn’t appear to be a registration process online or a need to have an account.

This only works with parcels being delivered by DHL so I can’t really see myself using this in the near future. Most parcels I get through DHL are from Amazon, but there is no way to be sure Amazon will use DHL for a delivery so I can’t use the swipBOX address. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has used this service before and how they found it.

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  1. Hello there, I interact with the SwipBox on a daily basis and I must say this technology / innovation has really worked for the Cnee. A parcel will be loaded to the nearest SwipBox convenient to your physical address provided on your shipment – mostly if its undeliverable. For instance in Kenya we have several boxes located at strategic mall outlets, if your address is somewhere along westlands, your parcel will be delivered to the Sarit Center SwipBox.

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