Dublin Airport Security Queues

Dublin Airport has two terminals – Terminal 1 and the newer Terminal 2. Aer Lingus, United, American Airlines, Delta and Emirates use Terminal 2 while all other airlines use Terminal 1. On average the security queues in Terminal 2 are shorter than those in Terminal 1 although normally there is only 5 or so minutes difference. What many people don’t realise is that you can use either security queue no matter which airline you are flying – both ‘terminals’ are linked airside. If you are checking bags or need to check in at the airport you will need to go to the listed terminal for the airline.

If you are flying Ryanair for example and have checked in online with hand luggage only  you can use the security screening in Terminal 2 and then walk to your gate. In fact, past security there is no such thing as Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Aer Lingus flights often depart from gates that most people would consider to be part of ‘Terminal 1’.

This website contains a historical record of wait times at the two Dublin Airport Security Screening queues. It’s a great tool and allows you to filter by day of the week, date and time of the day and gives you a good idea of how long you’ll be waiting. If you are travelling at peak times, it might be worth purchasing Fast Track for airport security. This allows you to use the much shorter Fast Track queue available in both terminals. This is the same queue that most premium passengers and those with frequent flyer status use. I’ve never had to queue more than a couple of minutes with fast track and it does make a big difference to the airport experience. Previously you would get a free coffee with fast track, then they changed it to a newspaper and now its 10% off The Loop. Fast Track costs between €5.99 and €7.99 depending on the time of day so if you’re planning on spending more than €80 in The Loop you might as well get Fast Track!

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