Email notifications for your An Post Parcel

I’ll admit I’m a bit OCD when it comes to tracking parcels. I like to know where they are and when they should arrive. There are a huge number of apps and websites out there to help keep track of parcels from a huge range of carriers. There’s AfterShip, Track-Trace, Package Trackr and 17Track to name a few. There are also countless apps you can download and get notifications each time there’s an update. There’s a new website which works just for An Post parcels. You enter in the tracking number and your email address and you get an email every time there is an update. No bells and whistles just the basics.

I use it a lot for parcels coming in from China from sites like AliExpress or DHGate. If I enter in the Chinese tracking number into I will get updates once the parcel has arrived in Ireland. If been able to see a parcel get caught in customs and contacted them via email to resolve the issue. I had everything sorted before the letter requesting a copy of the receipt arrived to my house.

I know some people will like the bells and whistles of other sites but for me, I like the simplicity. I’m quite anti-apps for some reason so this site suits me better.

Parcel Notifier Site

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