Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast/Amazon Fire TV

I’ve recently been trying to sort out my home entertainment. I wanted to avoid signing up to Sky or Virgin TV as I find a lot of the programmes I watched when I had Sky were available elsewhere for cheaper or even free. I tried a Roku Player to begin with but I didn’t like it so in the end I returned it. I settled with an Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast. The Amazon Fire TV will only post to the UK so you will need to use a UK virtual address to get it delivered to Ireland. Currently, the Amazon Fire TV is £29.99 instead of the normal price £39.99. The main two apps I use on my Fire TV is Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is mainly for The Grand Tour, but I will also buy or rent videos on to watch.

On my Chromecast I would watch YouTube videos casting them from my phone as well as casting eir Sport which works surprisingly well. The one complaint I would have is even though my internet is good – I get around 200mb down, Wifi can be a bit patchy due to the number of networks competing. Neither device comes with an ethernet port, however you can purchase an adapter for £12.99 on Amazon.


There are a few different adapters available but this is the one I purchased and I’m very happy with it. Setting it up was simple, plug a ethernet cable into the ethernet port, plug the usb into a usb charger and the micro-usb into the device (Chromecast or Fire TV). Instantly the devices recognised the wired connection. I’ve noticed the loading times are now much less – videos load almost instantly.


I’m really glad I got these adapters. I’m a bit of a clean freak so I bought a cable tidy box and hdmi extenders as well. I can now hide the two devices inside a box with the chargers without worrying about affecting the wifi signal which tidies up the wires big time – or more accurately hides the mess!

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