Ethiopian Airlines Los Angeles to Dublin

I wrote a brief review of Ethiopian Airlines ET504 from Dublin to Los Angeles and will now do a very short review of ET505 from Los Angeles to Dublin. The flight was due to leave Los Angeles at 11:45PM. I got to the airport three hours before departure which is much earlier than I normally would. However, as I had to check out from the Hotel at 6PM I decided to go to the airport early instead of roaming around LA with my bags.

Ethiopian fly from Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX which is quite nice and spacious. The Ethiopian Airlines check in was open and there was 10 or 15 people in the economy queue. Due to my status I could use the Business Class check in which had no queue. I was told the flight was completely full and check in was very quick. My bag was overweight by 5KG but they didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all.

After getting my boarding pass I headed towards the security queue. In TBIT the security queue is up one level. We were stopped at the bottom of the stairs until the queue died down upstairs and then we proceeded up. The queue was long enough but moved quickly and within 15 minutes we were through. Interestingly, we were told laptops/liquids everything was to stay in the bag and shoes were to stay on as well. Normally in America shoes come off and liquids + electronics are mean to be taken out of the bags at security unless you have Pre® Either way I wasn’t complaining.

Boarding commenced at 10:55PM and was a lot more orderly and calm then I was expecting. Waiting at everyones seat was a pillow, blanket, sleep mask and ear plugs. In the end I played a bit of musical chairs. Everyone seemed to be spaced out around the cabin so I moved to allow people to sit together… three times. We departed on time and shortly after take off we were served dinner. The choice by the time it got to me was fish or vegetarian. I had the vegetarian and it was standard economy airline food. Neither so good nor too bad to be noteworthy. After this I fell asleep until just before landing at Dublin.

We were served a ‘snack’ before landing which was the same snack as served on the outbound flight. I’ll let the picture do all the talking.


The flight gets into Dublin at 6:30PM. We deplaned very quickly as I’d say at most 1/4 of the passengers were getting off at Dublin -the flight continues on to Addis Ababa. Unfortunately, as I’ve experienced quite a lot recently in Dublin immigration was very slow and took over 45 minutes to clear with just two booths open.

The inbound flight was pretty similar to the outbound flight. Catering and in flight entertainment could be improved but both were acceptable. The B787 is a lovely aircraft to fly and leg room/recline was good. Ethiopian are a solid option over to Los Angeles and I’d have no problem booking them again.

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