Flender.ie – P2P Lending – Signing up

I’m always on the look out for more P2P lending sites to try out. I like to spread out my investments among as many different platforms to try limit my risk. I have three more on my list to try out – Flender, Grid Finance and Bulkestate. I had planned to look into Grid Finance today but after logging on I couldn’t see any loans available to invest in. Maybe I’m doing something wrong..


Anyway, I decided to try out Flender instead. Flender would be quite similar to Linked Finance except Flender still allows you to ‘bid’ with the exchange rate – you get to chose how much to lend and at what interest rate. Flender is a UK based business with an Irish Arm. Their UK operation seems a lot bigger and you can also invest in loans to individuals.

Signing up was very easy. The whole process took less than 5 minutes to be signed up and have my identity verified.

First you need to select whether you want to Apply for a Loan or Start Lending.


Next, you enter in your name, email and create a password.



Next you need to add your Date of Birth and optional first name. Your name will be pre-filled. The first two steps really should be combined into one step.



Next you enter in your address. Once you select Ireland as your Country an Eircode field appears and you must fill it in.

After this step, you will be shown your Flender Dashboard. Select Bank/Card details to add your card and bank details. You can fund your Flender Account from your credit/debit card or by bank transfer



After adding your bank details select Verify your identity. Here you must upload a copy of your Passport or Drivers Licence. I added a scan of my driver licence and 5 minutes later I received an emailing saying my identity was verified.

The signup process was very quick and painless. One thing I really like amount these new fintech companies is how easy they make everything. Currently there are only two loans available to invest in with Flender so it doesn’t seem as popular as Linked Finance. I’ve already made my first investment and will do a separate post about that process soon.

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