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I created a Twitter account for We’re Sucking Diesel a while back but forgot to ‘announce‘ it in the form of a blog post. I started We’re Sucking Diesel as a hobby and figured I’d do a post every so often with most posts being the kind that was googled rather than followed. I did a post about free atm withdrawals in Thamel, Nepal which I didn’t think would interest the vast majority of people who view the blog regularly but instead was designed to be high up in Google results and help people out. To my surprise it is one of the most viewed posts on my blog.

A lot of my P2P posts have received quite a larger number of hits and I have decided to use twitter to try and drive more traffic to this blog. So if you’ve got twitter, why not follow WSDBlog hopefully you’ll find it interesting! If you have any comments on how to improve the blog or topics you think would suit the blog let me know.

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