Free ATM Withdrawals in Nepal

There has been an update to this post.

This post really is designed to be ‘googled’ and to be found by people looking for free ATM withdrawals in Nepal. I’m a huge fan of Nepal and normally head over around once a year. There’s something about the generosity of the locals that is infectious. It’s the one country that really made an impact on me but enough of the clichés…..

Withdrawing cash at most ATMs in Nepal cost 500 or 600 rupees which is around €5. These fees can add up very quickly. On my second visit I realised that Standard Chartered ATMs offer free withdrawals. I presume it is free for all international cards as I’ve used my BOI debit card, AIB debit card and Revolut Card* and wasn’t charged the ATM fee on any of these cards. There is a list of Standard Chartered ATMS online.

*Update: Revolut cards are now charged 500 Rupees per withdrawal. SC charge 500RS for credit (and prepaid) cards. I used my AIB, BOI and N26 debit card without any fees.

If you are staying in Thamel the easiest one is near Hot Breads. There are two ATM lounges near Hot Breads and the one beside Fire Club has the Standard Chartered ATM. If you are standing looking directly at Hot Breads walk to the left and it is in on the right after about 20 metres. Don’t forget after 9:30 all the cakes are 50% off in Hot Breads!

The other two nearby that I’ve used are at Hotel De’l Annapurna beside KFC on Durbar Marg and New Road near Statue Of Juddha Samsher. There is also one at the Bouddhanath Stupa and apparently there is one at Kathmandu Guest House as well but I’ve never used it. There are some Standard Chartered ATMS outside of Kathmandu including Pokhara and Birgunj but they are few and far between. There are none near Chitwan which caught me out.

Either way free ATM withdrawals combined with a Revolut or N26 Black card means totally free ATM withdrawals. If I’m staying in the valley and know I’ll be near ATMs I try to withdraw small amounts frequently instead of larger amounts. It’s not really from a security point of view, I’ve never felt unsafe or at risk in Nepal, I just don’t like having the equivalent of hundreds of dollars in cash on me when the average monthly wage is less than $100.

If you’ve never been to Nepal I strongly recommend going.

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  1. Thanks for your post, very useful!

    Update on Oct 8, 2017:
    We used the ATM in Thamel near Hot Breads with our N26 card. Maximum is 35000 Rs without any fees. The ATM is very slow but functional.

  2. Shame that no longer works for Revolut. I don’t use N26 because even being free, the exchange rate is not as good being through transferwise, so you are losing money all the same.

    I am in Nepal now and I have been trying as many different ATMs as I have found and none is free of fees. All of them are 500 NPR fee for Revolut at least.

    1. Standard Chartered is still free for debit cards although Revolut is a prepaid so gets charged the credit card rate. I still use N26 all the time and find the exchange rates just as good if not better than Transferwise.

  3. I am quite confused as to this post. Is this only applicable to specific international debit cards? I have withdrawn 3 times at Standard Chartered and each time they charge NPR500 for withdrawal fee. Do you think this NPR500 also applies to all ATMs in Kathmandu?

    1. I’m not too sure – I’ve never been charged on my German or Irish debit cards however I’m always charged on credit cards or revolut.

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