Free Shop Runner with N26 Black

I understand this will only be useful for a very limited number of N26 Black users. ShopRunner offers free 2 day delivery to the US with many retailers including American Eagle, Newegg and Bloomingdales. It is designed to compete with Amazon Prime. Normally ShopRunner costs $79 for the year however it comes free with many US credit cards.

ShopRunner is now available for free with MasterCard World Elite cards which includes N26 Black Cards. I signed up and it activated straight away. As I’ll be heading to America shortly I imagine I will end up using it quite a bit. They also have a Chrome Add On which will alert you if a ShopRunner retailer offers the item you are looking at for cheaper. I’m looking to pick up a new MacBook Air shortly and when browsing the Apple Store ShopRunner notified me that MacMall offer it for cheaper.

To get started just register on the ShopRunner MasterCard page.

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