Free Starwood SPG Corporate Preferred Status

I’ve had status with quite a few airlines over the last fews years but I’ve never had any status with a hotel chain. Its rare for me to stay at hotels, normally I would use AirBnB or stay with friends when travelling. If I did stay in hotels it would tend to be local hotels to get the ‘local feel’. However I’ve now got SPG Corporate Preferred Status which some refer to as ‘Gold Lite’. This comes with a two perks.

  1. Free late checkout until 4pm
  2. Free room upgrade

There are some terms and conditions with these perks as expected. Both are based on availability and are not valid if you book through a prepaid, third-party channel. I’d normally recommend booking direct with them as you will get free Wifi as well. (Unless you are using a bidding site/hidden site such as or Room upgrades include corner rooms, higher floor rooms, recently renovated rooms but do not include upgrades to suites.

Corporate Preferred as the name suggests is targeted at business travellers where their companies signs up with Starwood but it seems to be loosely enforced. You can sign up for Corporate Preferred StatusĀ here. You are signing up under a company but I have no idea which company it is and I’ve never had any issues with the receiving the benefits. I don’t feel too bad about doing this as otherwise there would be very little chance I’d be picking a Starwood hotel.


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