Getting a Tax Residency Certificate for ViaInvest

VIAINVEST is one of the P2P lending sites that I actively use. By default VIAINVEST deducts a withholding tax from your repayments unless you send in a copy of your Tax Residency Certificate. The tax rate charged depends on the loan originators country. If the loan origin country is Czech Republic – Withholding Tax is currently 15%, if Spain – 19%, if Latvia – 23%. If you send in a copy of your Tax Residency Cert VIAINVEST will not withhold tax and instead you pay directly to the Irish Revenue when completing your tax returns.

If you make an investment before sending in your Tax Residency Cert, withholding tax will apply for the duration of the loan term even if you upload the certificate mid way through the term. However, any new loans made after the certificate has been uploaded will not have withholding tax applied.

You will need to request the Revenue to send out a Tax Residency Certificate. When you log into, select My Enquiries and Add New Enquiry. I presume there is a similar process for Revenue My Account – I cannot access it to check. It takes about 10 working days for the Revenue to post out the certificate. Once it arrives, scan it and upload it to VIAINVEST. They are very quick at verifying – mine was completed within 10 minutes. I should have completed this step before I started investing with VIAINVEST as it would have made my tax return easier!

In the interest of full-disclosure, links to VIAINVEST are affiliate links. Should you click through to VIAINVEST via my affiliate link and make an investment I will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

4 Replies to “Getting a Tax Residency Certificate for ViaInvest”

  1. Hi Im a big fan of your blogs I have signed up to mintos viainvest and dofinance and have just discovered a new p2p lender robocash looks good offering 14% on short time loans with buyback

    1. Glad you like the blog. I hadn’t heard of robocash before so will take a look into it. I’m starting to have quite a list of ones to research!

  2. Hi there, great blog. How is viainvest working for you three months on? Would you mind updating your blog with how you are getting on?

    1. Viainvest is still going well for me. I will do a recap of all the P2P lending and how I am getting on over the Christmas period. So stay tuned.

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