Getting a visa for Nepal from Ireland

Citizens from the majority of countries are eligible to get a visa on arrival at Kathmandu Airport including Irish citizens. The process is straightforward but depending on which flight you arrive on it can be a long drawn out process.  There are three lengths of visas available 15, 30 and 90 days. All three lengths are multi-entry visas. You can enter and leave Nepal as much as you like within the visa length. However, you must leave Nepal before the expiry date on the visa if you over stay by less than 7 days there is a daily fine to pay on departure.

If you are arriving into Nepal by air you will be arriving in Kathmandu International Airport. The process of getting a visa on arrival is:

  1. Fill out the immigration card
    • On board the flight to Kathmandu you should be given a small immigration form to fill out. It is quite straightforward.
  2. Fill out the immigration card on the computers and get photo taken
    • Once you arrive into Kathmandu and are in the immigration hall there are several computers opposite the immigration desks. You need to fill out the form on this computer. It is basically an online version of the paper form. During this, your photo will be taken by the webcam. Once completed a slip containing a barcode will print out.
  3. Pay for the visa
    • Once you have the slip from the computer you will need to go to the bank located on the far side of the hall. Here you will pay for your visa fee. Visa fees are listed below and should be paid in USD.
  4. Go see an immigration officer
    • Once you have paid for the visa fee, you will receive a stamped receipt. Bring this and the form over to the immigration officer who will fill out a Visa sticker and apply it to your passport.


On Arrival London Embassy
15 Days 25USD £20
30 Days 40USD £35
90Days 100USD £75


I normally arrive on a flight from India where the majority of passengers are not getting a visa on arrival. (Indian citizens do not require a visa to visit Nepal) This time I am flying with Turkish Airlines and already have plans on the day of arrival so ideally I would like to get out of the airport as quickly as possible – although I know everything takes longer then expected in Nepal. I decided to get my visa ahead of time. As there is no Embassy in Ireland, Irish citizens are to use the Embassy in London. The visa is identical whether you get it in Kathmandu or ahead of time. If you get the visa ahead of time, the 15/30/90 days starts from the date you ‘activate’ the visa by arriving into Kathmandu Airport

What are the steps to get a visa from the Embassy?

  1. Make a payment to the Embassy of Nepal’s Bank Account
    • The Embassy’s bank details should be on the Visa Application Form.
      At the time of writing it is: 
      Sort Code: 601533
      Account Number: 05552060
    • The payment should cover the cost of the visa + the return postage by Royal Mail Tracked currently £6.75
    • I recommend using TransferWise for the transaction to save on fees.
  2. Send the completed application to the Embassy of Nepal in London

What to send to the embassy?

  1. Completed Visa Application Form
    • The form is very straightforward to complete. If you don’t know the address you’ll be staying in the general area will suffice.
  2. Passport photo
    • A standard Irish passport photo. I used my webcam, white bed sheet and epassportphoto to take one then used a machine for 15c to print it at my local pharmacy instead of their €7.50 passport photo service.
  3. Return Self Addressed Envelope
    • I sent a small padded envelope. Your address on the front and the embassys address (available on the application form) as the from address.
  4. Your passport
    • Needs to be valid for at least 6 months from date of entry to Nepal.
  5. Payment confirmation
    • This isn’t necessarily required but I included a copy of the confirmation for the TransferWise payment I made to their account.

How long does it take?

Monday 8th May: I sent the completed application by Express Post International
Thursday 11th May: Application was delivered to the Embassy
Tuesday 16th May: Application was processed by the Embassy and Passport posted by Royal Mail Tracked
Tuesday 30th May: Visa was delivered to my address in Ireland.


I’d recommend emailing the visa to confirm the return postage costs before completing the payment to the Embassy and also to give them a heads up you will be applying. You can get their email address on their Contact Us Page. I sent them several emails and they are always very quick to reply. The whole process of getting a visa ahead of time through the embassy is very straightforward and quick and I’d definitely consider doing it again.

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    1. Yes, getting a visa on arrival is quite easy. I just prefer having it in advance in case multiple flights arrive at the same time which can cause delays. Although last two times I’ve arrived in the morning, there has been no queue.

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