How long does it take to receive a N26 MasterCard?

Recently, my N26 Black MasterCard broke and I had to order a replacement. N26 offers two different postage methods for replacement cards – Express delivery which costs €19 delivered by DHL within 1-2 working days. Alternatively, Standard delivery costs €6 delivered by An Post and should take 5-7 day working days. The cards are sent from Germany.

I declined the Express service as my card was still usable with Chip and Pin and I was able to use contactless via Google Pay. The card arrived but I’ve been very slow to update the blog. I decided I should do a post about the time frame as how long does it take to receive a N26 card is the number one question I get asked in this blog.

In my case I ordered the card on a Wednesday morning and it arrived the following Tuesday to my address in Dublin. Overall not too bad but if my MasterCard was completely broken and I didn’t have Google Pay I would have had a full week without a debit card – hardly ideal.

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6 Replies to “How long does it take to receive a N26 MasterCard?”

  1. You can actually ask them to refund the 6€ back to your balance through the chat. One time I had a fraudulent charge and they did it for me and the other my wallet got stolen. 12€ saved 😂

  2. I have been waiting more than month to get my card. In that time I reordered the card 3 times but none of them reached me. I even did express delivery all the times. Today I reordered 4th time.

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