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I was with Magnet for our internet and phone but decided to move over to eir. I had hoped to sign up to a landline/broadband bundle and port the number over from Magnet to eir. We’ve had the same number for years so we didn’t want to lose it. As it turns out eir were unable to port the number across as ‘the number was on a different exchange’. They couldn’t give any further information or explain why I was able to port from eircom to Magnet in the first place without issue. It made no sense to me or to ComReg. Anyway I gave up trying and I signed up for broadband only with eir and looked for a VOIP provider where I could port my number to. In the end I signed up with Porting the number consisted of filling out one form and including a copy of the Magnet bill. The port was completed without any issue. I’ve been using ever since and been very happy with their service and price.

I signed up to Irish Voips €5(ex VAT) per month Move Your Number Service. I top up by €5 a month and this credit can be used for calls. There is no cost to move the number. If you don’t want to pay €5 per month you can pay €20 per year to move the number. If you pay annually you will need to top up in addition to make calls. It is only now when I type this I realise I should be on the €20 a year plan as I have a balance of over €80 on my account! I rarely make any calls from the landline as my mobile phone includes free international calls. If you do not want to port your number over to Irish Voip you can also get a new number under the same terms as above. You can also select what location in Ireland you would like the number to be e.g. 01 for Dublin, 061 for Limerick etc.

We have 4 phones in our house which all are wired into one master socket beside the router. We purchased a VOIP to analogue adapter and connected the adapter to the router and took the phone line from the master socket and placed it into the adapter. Once completed, we logged onto the analogue adapters webpage, filled in some settings and we were good to go. It took around 10 minutes all in to get it set up. Everything works as before, the only difference is voicemails are emailed to us. The adapter we brought was the OBi100 which cost €24.99 at the time but appears to be more expensive now. IrishVoip sell the Grandstream HandyTone HT701 themselves for a once off fee of €44 and I am sure there are other alternatives.

IrishVoip list their rates on their website which each rate being in cents per minute. Calling Ireland landline is 2c per minute and mobile is 5c. It is actually cheaper to call the US than Ireland. Calls to the US fixed cost .7c per minute. While they are not the cheapest rates in the world for me it works well and allowed me to keep my number.

I’d highly recommend (not who I have no experience with). While their call rates aren’t the cheapest,’s appear a lot cheaper being able to keep my number was a big bonus and in the end it worked out much cheaper than a landline/broadband bundle with eir.

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  1. Thank you for this post! Been trying to figure this out for ages but I think I’ve found the answer thanks to your solution!

    I was with Virgin Media since 2006, back when it was NTL. I’ve always lived in Dublin but I’ve now moved to Kildare (Housing crisis!!). I couldn’t move my Virgin account to the new place so I had to go with Eir. I got told the same thing about the “exchange”. I’ve had this number for 13 years so it’s very important I keep it!

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