Is Amazon Prime worth it for Ireland?

UPDATE:  Amazon Prime now includes free 2 day delivery to Ireland

Amazon Prime costs £7.99 per month or £79.99 per year. I picked it up during the Black Friday sales in November for £59 to try it out. Amazon Prime is most known for offering free next day delivery to the UK but there are many other features included – movies and tv show streaming, music streaming, unlimited photo storage, 30 minutes early access on lightning deals, kindle books and much more. After using it for 6 months I decided to do a post as to whether I think it’s worth getting for Irish customers.

I will start by saying if signing up to Amazon Prime in Ireland gave you free postage on any item sold by Amazon to Ireland I would sign up and recommend it in heart beat. Obviously, free next day delivery would be much better but I cannot see it happening at the current price point. However, I would imagine it be possible to offer free postage on all items sold by Amazon and not have to spend over £25 to get free postage.

It’s also worth noting you can sign up for a Free 30 day Trial of Prime and if you turn off auto-renew before the 30 days are up you won’t be charged anything. It’s a great way to find out whether you’d get value being a prime member.


  • One-Day Delivery
    • Free next day delivery to UK addresses including Parcel Motel/Parcel Connect/Parcel Wizard
    • If I order an item before the cut-off time it will be delivered to Parcel Motel the next day and available to pick up in Dublin that day.
    • For example, if I order Monday it will be ready (99% of the time) to collect from my Parcel Motel Locker on Tuesday
    • I use this very often
  • Prime Now
    • Not applicable to Ireland or Parcel Motel/Parcel Connect/Parcel Wizard Addresses
  • Same-Day Delivery
    • Not applicable to Ireland or Parcel Motel/Parcel Connect/Parcel Wizard Addresses
  • Prime Video
    • Aimed to be a competitor to Netflix.
    • Most of the stuff is geo-locked to UK. (There are ways around this of course..)
    • There is a watch while abroad (i.e. Ireland) Section which is Amazon Original Series:
      • The Grand Tour
      • The Man in the High Castle
      • Red Oaks
      • Hand of God
      • New Yorker
      • This is Me
      • Patriot
      • Highston
      • Z: The Beginning of Everything
      • And a small collection of Kids TV
    • Useful for the small selection of available TV Shows especially Grand Tour
  • Prime Music
    • Stream 2 million songs
    • Subscribe to Prime Music Unlimited for £7.99 instead of £9.99
    • Quite a good selection of music included but by no means comprehensive without paying for Unlimited
    • Wouldn’t put that much value on this.
  • Prime Pantry
    • Allows you to buy bulky groceries and get them delivered
    • Will not deliver to Ireland but will deliver to Northern Ireland
    • Due to the nature of products they will probably be too big/heavy for the UK Mail forwarders
    • Not useful for Irish customers
  • Prime Early Access
    • Prime members get 30 minutes early access to lightning deals.
    • Never used this before. Don’t particularly value this benefit. 
  • Prime Photos
    • You can store unlimited number of photos on Amazon servers to back them up.
    • I already get this with Google Photos and wouldn’t really put a value on this. 
  • Kindle First
    • Allows you to read Kindle Books before they are launched
    • Members can choose one book per month for free
    • Works for Irish residents but I don’t value it.
  • Amazon Family
    • Seems to be 20% off nappies.
    • Never used this and don’t have a need for it but could be a saver for those with babies/toddlers.
  • Twitch Prime
    • Seems to allow you to watch other people play video games without ads
    • Not for me but some might find this useful
  • Member Exclusive Discounts
    • Get an exclusive discount on pre-orders, including collector’s editions, for box games for PC, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Wii U, 3DS and more.
    • At the moment its £2 off
    • Not for me but I’m sure some will find this useful. 
  • Household
    • Allows you to share the prime benefits with members of your household.
  • Prime Reading
    • Over 1,000 books and magazines to read for free
    • Magazines include:
      • Time
      • National Geographic
      • OK
      • Wired
      • Golfers Digest
      • and lots lots more
    • Not to be confused with Kindle Unlimited which has a much wider selection.
    • Quite useful especially for the magazines. 


Writing the post made me realise just how many ‘features’ come with Amazon Prime. There were a lot of benefits I hadn’t heard about before. The only ones I use are one-day delivery, Amazon Video and Prime Reading. Obviously everyone will have to make up their own mind whether Amazon Prime is worth it for them but for me its worth it. With Parcel Motel, the parcel will be at my local motel the same day that it is delivered to Antrim. So in effect, I have next day delivery from Amazon for €3.95 (+ the annual Prime Subscription fee) I really hope Amazon would offer some sort of free postage to Ireland for Prime Customers but I feel this is wishful thinking.

In the interest of full-disclosure, links to Amazon are affiliate links. Should you click through to Amazon via my affiliate link and make a purchase I will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 


8 Replies to “Is Amazon Prime worth it for Ireland?”

  1. Prime Pantry works excellent with DPD Parcelwizard and can save loads of money compared to Irish shops.

    The maximum box size of prime is in my experience the same as DPD allows (too big for Parcelmotel).

    So far I had a good experience and saved loads of money with Prime. There was once a broken box but Amazon/DPD sorted that out.

    Also while they advertise next day delivery, in my experience Prime Pantry takes at least 2 days, often 3 days to arrive in Northern Ireland.

    So if it’s not urgent and you look out for that bargain you can save some money by using it.

    1. I must give it a try when I’m back in Ireland.

      I think being so used to Parcel Motel I always forget that PW/PC both accept larger parcels.

  2. Amazon Prime Music does not work in Ireland right now. You need a UK billing address and a UK Bank payment method.
    This is another non value for Irish customers.

  3. I tried once Amazon Prime to get access to the video selection but I needed a VPN and I canceled my account within the 30 days trial. I moved back to Netflix.

    The one day delivery in connection with AnPost kind of parcel motel or PM itself sounds good but not sure if its worth because I still have to pay AnPost or the PM. So I save on one side but have to pay the other side, sure not as much as for amazon express and it may be maybe faster but could also take 3 days (like amazon express normally takes).

    But as Sven mentioned you still can save a good amount of money not buying at local Irish stores with a high price tag.

    There is always the 30 day trial so nothing to loose. if you did not use it before and forgot to actually try it 🙂

  4. I’ve just been told – August 2018 – that Prime Music isn’t available in Ireland because of copyright, and that the film selection is so rubbish (compared to the UK) for exactly the same reason.
    I have a woeful selection of movies compared to my sister who lives in Scotland.
    Just not worth the money – or the free trial. Mis-selling if anything.

  5. its sure a load of bullshit for 99% of irish users, they sell fire tv and fire sticks to us over here but we can’t actually watch anything.. i have tried various VPN’s toio and they now seem to have caught up to them all and are blocking the websites, i get a message on my stick that i’m using a proxy or vpn and need to turn it off to enable viewing..

    Don’t buy any amazon streaming or otherwise while you are using an irish address, and even with a UK address, you are limited to watching what you want by what is available to view while you’re “out of the country” It’s a farce, they should not be advertising streaming content or music subs to irish people when they simply don’t deliver them.

    Don’t bother with any memberships either because you can buy plenty of stuff at cheaper prices than store bought that even with the small enough postage you are still making a savings.. the only time i would think it’s useful to anyone is if they buy packages EVERY DAY from amazon, then the shipping savingd are worth it.. why bother with £80 a year if you buy something only 2 or 3 times a year??? save yer money guys.. until they offer full service packages to Ireland the same as the rest of UK and NI then give them your custom..

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