Issue with Revolut Card being prepaid and not debit

I’ve previously written a post about Standard Chartered ATMs in Nepal as they are the only ATMs that do not charge a fee for withdrawals. All other ATMs charge a fee of around 500rs which is approximately $5. I had previously used my Revolut card, AIB debit card and BOI debit card without any fees at these ATMs, although using a credit card incurred the 500rs fee. However, on my last trip I tried my Revolut card and was charged the 500rs fee as it is a prepaid card. I cancelled the transaction and used my N26 card. My N26 Black MasterCard, AIB and BOI debit cards all continued to be free.

I am not sure how common this problem will be but it’s worth bearing in mind. On my last trip to Nepal I made 17 different ATM withdrawals so the $5 fee each time would really add up. Granted I could have done fewer larger withdrawals but then you end up having to be careful of the cash you have. I normally took out the equivalent of €30 every two or three days.

Obviously only a small percentage of Revolut users will be travelling to Nepal but I’d be interested to see if this occurs in other countries as well. Since signing up to N26 Black I haven’t done a single transaction on my Revolut card. I know I am a huge N26 fan but always try to remain fair and balanced so I will be doing a post shortly about the drawbacks of N26.. if you have any suggestions let me know!

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