KBC – Online Banking

After opening a KBC extra current account, I received an account opening letter along with the new account brochure. Both of these make reference to another letter I should receive containing information to set up online banking. After waiting over a week no further information arrived and I never got any confirmation the account was now fully operational after the issue with my documents. So I decided to ring KBC and ask them what the story was. I was then told ‘Oh ye, you have to ring us to get online banking set up, we don’t send out letters’. Now in fairness the agent was very helpful but its just another instance of KBC giving out the wrong information. Anyway, after going through all the security questions I was texted a activation code and given the username over the phone to be used in the app.

After downloading the app, I entered in the provided username and activation code and was prompted to enter in a 6 digit passcode to be used to access mobile banking. Once completed I was logged in and the app displayed:

I rang up again and was told this was an issue on their end and it they’d escalate it to their IT department. I was advised it be up and working within a couple of hours. 6 hours later and the account is still not viewable on the app. While I understand mistakes can happen, it seems like a common theme with KBC…

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