Leap Card now accepts non-Irish IBANs for Auto Top-Up

I have been very quiet on this blog for the last couple of months even though I have a list of things I could post about. The next few articles will be catch-up articles covering things that have happened since I last posted which I want to cover for the completeness sake. I especially want to cover the N26 announcements as those tend to be the most read articles.

The Leap Card has an auto-top up function allowing you to top up automatically via direct debit when the balance on the card falls below €10. Previously, Leap Card would only support bank accounts with an Irish IBAN (an IBAN starting with IE). This meant N26 users couldn’t sign up for this feature – this was in breach of EU regulations. There is a very good thread on boards.ie outlining the problem.  In April, finally Leap Card started allowing direct debits to be set up on non-Irish bank accounts. I immediately set up the auto top-up using my N26 account.

When implementing the direct debit solution they went for a slightly unusual approach where you have to first verify your bank account. They send you a small transaction to your bank account with a code in the message. You then must enter the code on the Leap Card website before it is set up. While it is a good idea in theory, the message didn’t display for me on my N26 online banking or statement. Even after contacting N26 customer support they could not see it. I rang Leap Card and they gave me the number over the phone without any questions which seems like it defeats the purpose but anyway – so if the code does not display for you just ring Leap Card.

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