Linking your BOI Credit card to SuperValu Real Rewards

There aren’t many ‘reward’ credit cards in Ireland compared to other countries in particular the US. Bank of Ireland have recently partnered with SuperValu Real Rewards allowing members to earn 2 points for every €1 spent in SuperValu and 1 point for every €10 they spend everywhere else on their personal Bank of Ireland credit card. This isn’t exactly worth getting excited for but as someone with a BOI credit card I decided I might as well sign up. There is a bonus of 250 points when you link your BOI credit card to your SuperValu Real Rewards account.

Signing up to SuperValu Real Rewards was quick. I picked up a card in the store and activated it online. Linking the SuperValu card to the BOI credit card was easy as well and just involved filling out one form on the BOI website. 5 days later I received a text confirming the cards were linked. Points appear on my Real Rewards account about 5 days after the transaction is posted to my credit card account.

My end goal isn’t to use these points in SuperValu, I would like to get them over to my BA Executive Club Avios Balance. Aer Lingus’s Aer Club is a transfer partner with SuperValu. In theory you can transfer from SuperValu rewards to Aer Lingus and receive a further 250 point bonus for the first transfer.  Transfers take 7 days to complete. However, every time I try to complete the transfer I get an error.

I’m not sure which end the issue is on but I would expect it’s Aer Clubs. Their website is horrendous and nothing seems to work for me. They said they are looking into the issue and will get back to me shortly. Once I am able to transfer the points out of SuperValu Real Rewards over to Aer Club Avios I will then be able to transfer them over to BA Executive Club Avios.

There are other reward credit cards in Ireland but most are pretty poor offering. I believe the EU Interchange fee Cap has played its part in reducing the likelihood of having reward credit cards in Ireland. Either way, if you do have a BOI credit card you might as well sign up. I happened to be passing a SuperValu so the time taking to pick up the card, register and link the cards was probably less than 5 minutes if even that.

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