Lycamobile Ireland – Speed Tests

I forgot to publish this post so thats why the speed tests are from a month ago!

It’s been nearly a month since I switched over to Lycamobile. I moved from Three Business over to Three Pay due to the price increase for the Business plan. This was a bit of an ordeal and I felt the CS was very poor so I looked to move away from Three altogether. After comparing the options I chose Lycamobile. Lycamobile offer 30GB data, unlimited Irish calls and unlimited Irish texts for €15 a month with 50% off the first month for new customers.

Moving over to Lycamobile was very quick and porting my number across was painless. My main concern before signing up would be the speed of the data. Lycamobile only offers 3G to my knowledge although their website mentions 4G. As I have an Nexus 4 which doesn’t support 4G this doesn’t impact me but I heard their 3G speeds were poor.



Overall I have noticed a speed drop after moving to Lycamobile from Three. Occasionally, the network drops and I can’t pick up any data at all which is far from ideal. However, for €7.50 for the month I really can’t complain. I suppose the main question is will I continue using Lycamobile at €15 per month? To be honest, I haven’t fully decided yet as I will be travelling so can put off the decision for a few weeks. When I come back, I’ll take a look at what Lycamobile is offering re EU roaming and decide.


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