Mintos adds more loan originators

Mintos is my favourite P2P lending site although TwinoVIAINVEST and doFinance are looking promising. Of course, there is also Linked Finance which I’m less enthusiastic about recently but it’s a great option for those who want to lend through an Irish platform.

Mintos has recently added its first loan originator based in China – PangMaoBao which allows investors to invest in invoice financing loans. Currently there are 9 loans available to invest in, however the loans are very large, some in excess of €1.5 million!

I went to update my Auto-Invest Portfolio to include this new loan originator and it turns out I’ve been asleep the last little while. There were quite a lot of new loan originators which I hadn’t added to my auto-invest portfolio including ID Finance, Lute Credit and Capital Service. It’s great to see the options increasing on the Mintos platform. While I do have some concerns about the speed of growth in the P2P market, I find Mintos very open and transparent. Their blog provides updates and financials from the loan originators. As always, I recommend doing research into P2P lending and its risks before jumping in. You can see my original review of Mintos here.


In the interest of full-disclosure, links to MINTOS are affiliate links. Should you click through to MINTOS via my affiliate link and make an investment I will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

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