My experience with N26 customer support

I did say I would try to cut down on my N26 posts but I have been asked by a few readers how I find N26 customer support. If you have any questions you can comment on a post or email me. A lot of the new fin-tech companies including N26 and Revolut have had problems with customer support. They have grown so quickly they just can’t keep up. Previously I’ve heard of issues with N26 but in my experience I’ve found them very good. The major drawback is they are not open 24 hours which hopefully will change soon.

You can contact N26 by email, phone or on live chat via (in app live chat is still under testing). N26 support hours are: Monday – Friday 6:00 – 20:00 and Saturday 7:00 – 19:00 Irish time. I haven’t rang N26 yet so cannot comment on the experience. The Irish number is (+353) 0768887666.

I recently got double charged by TicketMaster who claimed that only one payment went through but N26 said both were completed. TicketMaster initially stopped replying to me so I went on N26 live chat to enquire about a chargeback. I was connected to an agent immediately and the agent was very helpful. He confirmed both payments were completed and not just authorised/pending. He emailed me a chargeback form and provided the email address to send the form to. The chat lasted about 2 minutes.

I then completed the chargeback form and emailed it back to them. Before I received a reply from N26 I got an email from TicketMaster. The agent that was helping me was off for 4 days and no-one picked up his emails. He confirmed that he would refund the amount if I could cancel the chargeback. I went on Live Chat with N26, again I was immediately connected with an agent and they confirmed they would cancel the chargeback. I received an email later that day confirming that the chargeback was cancelled.

This was my only recent interaction with N26 and it was flawless to be honest. I do hope they will expand their customer service to 24/7 or at least have a hotline for when the MasterCard stops working or is lost/stolen. I got caught out last April when I was abroad as my card stopped working – it turned out it was my fault! I personally have had very good experiences with N26 customer support but maybe I’m just lucky.

In the interest of full-disclosure, links to N26 are affiliate links. Should you click through to N26 via my affiliate link and sign up to their bank account I will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

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  1. hmmm… cant find any live chat on – can you provide details???
    and my android devices also refuse to open it at all – there is a direct redirect to for app installation. not userfriendly at all….

    1. As far as I know, for Android and Apple devices it will force you to download the app.

      There is always a live chat option on that is on the bottom right of the screen if you log in on a computer. As far as I know its only active 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

  2. i’ve tried to use their online chat 3 times in past months and each time just wait forever and dont get connected to anyone. sent them a message and got reply 10 days later:) so basically ZERO customer service. i will try another bank soon. I dont think N26 will have a future

  3. The phone number is a joke! Its a recorded message that points to the live chat but you cannt use the live chat if you are not logged in! If you dont remember your password and postcode you have no way to login!
    Ridiculously stupid not to have a live chat without being logged in.

  4. I really feel the need to add something here because people reading your article can get a completely wrong impression on what n26 is delivering AT THE MOMENT. And if I do it is because I have really experienced every negative thing a customer can experience from a customer support.
    I am trying to open an account with them since more than a month and yet it has not been possible to complete the registration, just to clarify I have been working in customer support before and I am an I.T. technician so I do not think it is reasonable to say that it was my fault ( but you can stil lbelieve it if you want…). This is just the beginning, because I really like their offer and I have tried to do everything I could to register with their service so much that every morning for a month it has been my mission to repeat the registration again and again hoping to find the mistake I was doing or to fix the issues with their support. But no help! I have had a number of sessions with their support and the quality of it was embarrassing almost every time. No need to mention that they were just repeating the same answer every time without doing any sort of real troubleshooting. Only the last time after my repeated complains then they said they would have tried to work on my case after the end of the support session…wow!! So I got an email 2 or 3 days after saying that my registration process was set to default again and that I could have tried to register with my passport from now. This is the level of troubleshooting and technical help they have been able to put together after I have tried to register for at least 15 times. Obviously this has not made things easier and naturally, it has not solved the problem at all. To conclude, this morning it is not even possible to contact the support, every time you open the chat the page refresh and an error message comes up. (btw this is a new thing, as you can see they are improving!). I think this is one of the few times in my life where I arrive to believe that all this is not even in good faith. I suspect that they are pushed to show the system is up and working but for some reason, they have deicided to do not enrol new customers and are doing all this show just to give a proof that everything is business as usual, instead I strongly suspect the truth is that they have internally suspended the creation of new accounts. At this stage I frankly do not see any other logical interpretation of all this. A real complete disaster from every point of view.
    This is what happens when you do not have any sort of entrepreneurial background and you haven’t been able neither to structurally ask for help.In order to deliver such service. It is not enough to deliver innovation, is not enough to promise to investor to be a cash cow, it is also necessary to deliver real value and they failed totally to plan the implementation of a solid customer support that could grow while the business was growing. very very bad.

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