My N26 Black card has broken..

They say all relationships go through tough times and this is certainly the case with N26 at the moment. I have always been a big fan but in the last few months there have been some small incidents which has made me consider looking around for another bank. The lack of new features, an issue with a chargeback (they’ll be a post about it soon) and now my Black MasterCard has broken.

I’ve never once broken a debit or credit card. However, I did note when the Black MasterCard arrive it was a bit flimsy. This is particularly worrying as the card has a long expiry date – my card that arrived in early 2017 has an expiry in 2021. Well it finally happened, the card snapped as the shop assistant took it out of the chip reader. Chip and Pin and swipe transactions still work but contactless have stopped working. – Thankfully N26 support Google pay so I can still do contactless payments that way.

I went onto the app to order a replacement and they are trying to charge me €6 for a replacement or €19 including Express 2 day delivery. While I completely understand charging for a replacement card in the case of lost or stolen I’m not happy paying due to poor quality cards – a card should be designed to withstand being taken out of a chip reader!

I’ll be getting onto support to see what they say. I’m interested to see how the interaction with support goes as there have been comments on the blog saying people can’t get in touch with them.

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2 Replies to “My N26 Black card has broken..”

  1. Chip on mine N26 card broke so the card can only be used in contactless terminals. N26 should really fix quality if their cards. Never happened to me with cards from other banks.

  2. my card is broken too (it’s not the black but the transparent card). Unbelievable, I never had this problem with any card (I tried with other card, it’s actually nearly impossible to break them). N26 sucks

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