My N26 MasterCard has Arrived

I ordered a N26 MasterCard on the 15th January. N26 state it should arrived within 2 weeks of being ordered. Which is longer than you’d be waiting for a Revolut card or a replacement card from an Irish bank. Revolut offer express delivery for replacement cards and also allows you to have a backup card attached to the account. N26 doesn’t appear to offer either of these facilities. Its worth noting if you’re prone to loosing things you could be a while waiting for a replacement.

N26 Packaging is a lot less snazzy than Revoluts. At the end of the day, this really doesn’t matter and makes no impact on how the account is used its just funny how a small thing like Revoluts packaging makes it appear to be a more ‘premium’ product. The card was sent by standard post from Germany. It took 10 working days to arrive which isn’t too bad but they really should offer an express delivery.

There wasn’t much information supplied with the card. Just the blue slip the card was attached to telling you to activate it from within the app or online banking. The card itself is the basic MasterCard N26 offer and it is pretty cool. Its transparent so you can see the NFC circuit for the contactless feature. One feature I really like is the IBAN and BIC is printed onto the back of the card.

Activating the card took less than a minute. Log into the online banking, select My Card, enter in the 10 digit card number, select a pin, confirm the pin and it’s done. The card number is the 10 digit number under your name -it is not the long 16 digit number beginning with 5355. The contactless feature will not work until you use the card at an ATM or terminal where you enter in the PIN. I changed the PIN in an AIB ATM to the same pin and it activated the card fully. I’ve used the card online and for contactless payments without issues over the last few days. I’m hoping to do some transactions on Revolut and N26 cards at the same time in different currencies to see how the exchange rates compare.

In the interest of full-disclosure, links to N26 are affiliate links. Should you click through to N26 via my affiliate link and sign up to their bank account I will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

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