My N26 Wish List

I have been a N26 customer since Jan 2017 starting off with their Standard Account before quickly upgrading to their paid N26 Black (now N26 You) account. Over the nearly 4 years I have been a very happy customer but it does seem like there haven’t been many new features added lately.

I will be doing a 4 year review of my experience with N26 shortly but in the meantime I thought I’d do a quick post about my N26 wish-list – features or improvements I’d love to see.

Condensed Statements
This should be very simple to implement. My statements are often 25+ pages long. This isn’t major but makes sending statements for loan applications annoying especially when the bank demands a hard copy. On some pages there are as few as 9 transactions on it due to the spacing. I’d love a condensed version so all my monthly transactions would fit on 2 or 3 pages as with other banks.

Sweeper Savings
A good few banks offer this and it’s a great way to build up savings. I keep a set balance in my N26 account in case of emergencies and at the end of each month I do a transfer of any amount above this to my savings account. I’d love if this could be set up automatically and for it to be as configurable as possible.

For example, you might set up on the 1st of every month, transfer anything over €500 to a space named savings or to an external bank account.

Round Up Savings
Similar to Sweeper Savings this is a great way to build up savings. In this case, any time you make a purchase it will be rounded up and the balance put into your savings account. Again this should be as configurable as possible. You could round up to the nearest 5c, 10c, 50c etc.

For example if you have it set up to the nearest 50c and you purchase something for €20.12, your account will be debited €20.50. This would result in 38c being sent to your savings account. It’s a great way to save without noticing it.

Automatic Transfer Back
This one will be harder to implemented. I get paid on the 25th of the month but I immediately transfer it to a N26 Space called Temporary, then on the 1st I transfer it back to my main current account to be spent. I’d love to be able schedule a transfer back when making a transfer to a N26 Space. A revert on this date button.

These are just some of my wish list for N26. When I first joined I thought they were really ahead of the rest but in recent times their innovation has seemed to flat lined. Hopefully they have some new features up their sleeves to keep us entertained.

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2 Replies to “My N26 Wish List”

  1. Got a email this week that I’m loosing my graduate account with my current bank so time to start looking at another bank before they start changing fees

    I already have Revolut and plan to keep it as I really like their offering but I don’t trust them enough to hold my savings and salary etc.

    Looks at moving from AIB to N26 but I know from Revolut that there is some places that don’t accept foreign IBAN’s. I think Spotify is an example. Have you had much issues?

    At the moment it’s fine since I have a AIB account but if I move exclusively to Revolut and N26 I’ll have no plan b anymore

    1. I haven’t had many real issues with the German IBAN that comes with the N26 account. My main one was for topping up a Leap Card but the NTA finally changed their systems after considerable pressure. My local gym also doesn’t accept N26 IBAN.

      I have a KBC Extra Current Account. Each month I transfer €2k from N26 to KBC and back which means there are no fees. This is then used for my gym direct debit and to lodge any cheques. You could look at the EBS Money Manager account as a Irish backup. It seems to be very low fees.

      I will be doing up another post soon about my over all experience with N26. If you have any question feel free to ask here or on

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