Update: N26 ATM limit does not applies to foreign ATM transactions

This article is incorrect. Please see clarification article.

I’ve been a N26 Black customer for nearly a year now and as I’ve said many times before I’m a massive fan. I have finally closed my last remaining Irish current account this week so its in N26 I trust. One big perk of N26 is that there are no currency conversion mark ups or fees – you pay the MasterCard rate on the day the transaction is processed. While this isn’t quite as good as Revolut’s rate the difference is negligible that I no longer use Revolut except as a backup.

One big perk and unusual feature with N26 Black is that you get 5 free ATM withdrawals per month within the eurozone but unlimited free ATM withdrawals outside the eurozone. This was great on my last trip as I did well more than 5 transactions and didn’t pay a cent in fees. However, they have closed this loop-hole now and the fair use policy applies to all ATM withdrawals. I received a in app notification of this change. They haven’t updated their pricing page to make this change clearer.

Obviously I’m not overly happy with this change but I had been expecting it. Realistically it won’t affect me too much. I have only made two ATM withdrawals in Ireland in 10 months. The only time I ever do make ATM withdrawals is when I’m travelling so five should still be plenty. In the states I pay everything by card and only make one withdrawal for tip money.

There is a fair use counter when logged into their website under account which I haven’t noticed before.

Overall, this change isn’t a surprise but still disappointing. I always got the feeling the free foreign ATM withdrawals were a result of badly thought out pricing plans instead of intentional. Either way, was great when it lasted!

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  1. For me (French user currently in Asia) there’s been no notification of such change. I sent an e-mail to the costumer service, we’ll see their answer tomorrow.

    5 free monthly withdrawals would still be great though, as in Asia there are always local fees, so I tend to withdraw as rarely as possible… But on the other hand, the free withdrawals abroad are the main perk of the N26 Black; if the advantage were to be further reduced, there wouldn’t be much point for me to use the N26 Black anymore.

  2. The Fair Use policy only applies for ATM withdrawals in the Eurozone. If you have an N26 Black account, you’ll still be able to withdraw charge free outside the Eurozone.

  3. A follow-up on my comment from yesterday… N26 France confirmed that this limit only applies to Euro withdrawals. So maybe their policy depends on your residence country ?

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