N26 Black renamed to N26 You

N26 have renamed their N26 Black offering to N26 You. I’ve been a happy N26 Black customer for 2 years now but I am starting to notice that there are a lack of new features being added. With the rename to N26 You, they appeared to only make small changes to the offering – you can now specify what colour card you would like. There are five colours to choose from: Ocean, Sand, Rhubarb, Aqua and Slate. N26 You is their middle offering costing €9.90 per month. It sits between their basic N26 account and their premium N26 Metal account.

If you are an existing customer you can order a new colour card but you do have to pay for €6 for the privilege. On the plus side, if you do order a replacement card and select ‘Change Colour’ as the reason your existing N26 Black card will remain active until you activate the new card.

It does seem like this is just a renaming exercise. The only two new ‘features’ I can see with N26 You compared to N26 Black is the different card colours as well as the ability to change the colour of the App Icon.

I have been noticing a lack of new features with my N26 account in recent months and have just signed up to bunq to try them out. You can expect to see posts about bunq in the near future. However, N26 have advised me there are ‘lots of exciting features soon to be launched’ including the ability to have a spare card and partner offers similar to what is offered with their N26 Metal offering so watch this space!

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