N26 Launch Shared Spaces

N26 has been promising to release more features for some time now. It’s fair to say they have prioritised targeting new markets ahead of innovating especially as they try and conquer the US. Recently, N26 has launched a much requested feature – shared spaces. There is a catch though – it is only available to certain users for the time being in a close-testing trial.

Once live, shared spaces will allow you to create a spaces sub-account and invite up to 10 participants to add and withdraw money between your shared space and their own N26 accounts. It is available to N26 You, N26 Metal and N26 Business You account holders. Notably, it is not available to holders of the N26 free account.

While I am always happy to see new features being added I cannot see myself using this any time soon. It’s also worth noting Revolut has offered a similar product for some time now.

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