N26 MasterCard blocked due to number of transactions

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of N26. I signed up to N26 black around a year ago and have used it as my primary bank account since. There have been some small issues but overall I have been very happy. A month ago I was in America for three weeks due to work and took an Uber to and from the office each day. I’d often also get UberEats delivery in the evening. Each time I would also tip the driver. The way Uber charges the tip comes up as a separate transaction. This meant each day I’d have 6 transactions from Uber. I didn’t think anything of it and my N26 Black Card was working perfectly.

However, two days before I was due to leave the US my card stopped working. Thankfully I had my Revolut Card as a backup so could use it. After getting in touch with N26 they said my card was blocked due to the number of transaction over the course of the month. They were able to give me an additional 5 transactions for the remainder of the month (3 days) but could not extend it any more. They also were unable to tell me what the limit was.

I always have at least one back-up card with me when I travel so I wasn’t stuck. And worse case I could have used one of the transactions to withdraw cash for the remainder of the month. However, this still really¬†annoyed me. Implementing a limit without telling customers what the limit is very poor form. I know I was making a lot of transactions but with only 5 free ATM withdrawals per month, N26 clearly want us to use the card at the POS instead of withdrawing cash. So why implement a limit to the number of transactions? The customer service agent asked me was I using Uber a lot and said they were aware of the issue there.

I hope N26 will rethink this limit or at least make it public. Then customers can make an informed decision when signing up to their account.

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5 Replies to “N26 MasterCard blocked due to number of transactions”

  1. Great article as always! Just to clarify, they put a limit on only ATM withdrawals, or any transaction like POS and commerce transactions?


    1. There is an overall limit on transactions on your MasterCard. This includes in shop, online and ATM transactions. I have been unable to get N26 to tell me what the limit is. I have only reached it in one month.

  2. Why dont you calculate the number of transactions you did the month you had the problem, to estimate the limit of transactions? It interests me a lot too, as my n26 black card is my main card. Thanks


    1. That would be far too clever! It never crossed my mind for some reason. In the month that my card was limited due to over use I made:
      161 MasterCard Debit Transactions
      9 Bank Transfer out of my account
      4 Bank Transfers/payments into my account.

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