N26 Metal has come to Ireland

N26 has three main current account offerings to personal customers – N26, N26 Black and N26 Metal. Up until last week only the standard N26 account and N26 Black was available in Ireland. This week, they’ve announced N26 Metal is now also available to Irish customers. At first I was excited but honestly, I’m not quite sure where the value offering of N26 Metal is. The standard N26 account is free and N26 Black costs €9.90 per month while N26 Metal costs €16.90 per month.

In addition to everything offered by N26 Black, N26 comes with:

  • Metal MasterCard Debit Card
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Exclusive Partner Benefits

Metal MasterCard Debit Card
I do like the N26 Metal debit cards, they look great and seem to be very durable. One issue I’ve had with N26 is that the N26 Black debit card is quite flimsy and has broken before. However, the improved debit card wouldn’t encourage me to upgrade – sure it sweetens the deal but not enough for me to part with more cash.

Dedicated Customer Support
I may have been lucky but I have always found N26 customer support to be quite good. Sure, it’s not perfect but it’s on-par with if not better than the support I’ve received from Irish banks and definitely better than Revolut’s customer support. So again, I just can’t see a reason to part with more cash for this feature.

Partner Benefits
N26 Metal comes with benefits from partners including WeWork, Hotels.com, Babbel and GetYourGuide. There’s just nothing there to get me excited. Hotels.com offers 10% off select hotels, Babbel offers 3 months free and GetYourGuide offers a 15% discount.

The WeWork benefit is free 12 months ‘We Membership’ which allows you to book free workspace once a month. This plan normally costs $45 per month so if you are paying WeWork directly, upgrading to N26 Metal makes sense.

I can’t see myself upgrading to N26 Metal at this point in time as I just can’t justify the cost. I do think the Partner Benefits could be the most attractive offering for N26 Metal but they need to be more competitive. I would love to see free LoungeKey or PriorityPass membership or even hotel/airline/car hire status included as part of the N26 Metal Partner Benefits. If there are ever benefits like that added I will certainly be taking a second look but for now, I will remain on N26 Black.

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