New Parcel Motel Machines

I had a parcel┬ácoming via Parcel Motel this week that was delayed. It turned up today after an apology from their customer care team who said the parcel had to be sent back to the Finglas depot to get a new label. When I got to my local motel to pick it up I noticed it has been changed. The new motel is very similar to the old one with two main differences. Firstly, the touchscreen is gone and has been replaced with a smaller screen and keypad. Secondly, there is now a mini ‘roof’ which holds two CCTV cameras.

Once you click the button beside ‘Or Click Here’ you are brought to a similar screen as before where you can select if you are sending or collecting a parcel. You then use the keyboard on the right to enter the mobile number and PIN. I used to find the touchscreen a bit temperamental so this is a definite improvement.

I am not sure if they are replacing all the motels with this new model or my motel broke so they replaced it. Either way I’m glad the touchscreen is gone.

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