Ordering a Contactless Revolut Card

I signed up to Revolut when they first launched. Back then the cards they issued were not contactless. All cards issued from June 2016 have included the contactless feature. I never really felt the need to have contactless on my Revolut card as I mainly use it in America and around the poorer parts of Asia. In America I find they normally swipe and don’t ask for a signature for low values so it is as fast as contactless. In Asia most of the countries I travel to wouldn’t support contactless. However, on my recent trip to London I decided I would use contactless -mainly for the tubes and buses. While I have an oyster card, you can also use a contactless credit or debit card to tag on and off at every stop which is charged at the same rate as oyster cards and the daily cap is applied. Using the contactless Revolut would mean I wouldn’t need to worry about keeping a balance on my oyster card.


Revolut have recently introduced Spare revolut cards. You can now have two physical cards linked to your account and up to 5 virtual cards. You can use these cards in unison or disable one and keep it as a backup. In my case, I would use the contactless card as my main Revolut card and have my old non-contactless card disabled on the app as my backup. I would still bring it with me when travelling but leave it in my rucksack and only activate it should I lose my contactless card. You can also have multiple virtual cards linked to your account to use online.



Revolut charge for each card and the cost is €6. This is the cost for the card regardless of whether it is virtual or physical card. In addition there is a postage fee applied should you wish to get a physical card. It costs €6 by standard delivery or €20 by express delivery to Ireland.  So the total cost for me was €12 for a second card delivered by standard delivery. It appears to take 2 working days for express delivery and approximately 8 working days for standard delivery.


I’m looking forward to the contactless card arriving and to test it out. I’m interested to see whether contactless transactions will show up instantly on the Revolut app. Revolut does not support Android pay yet, they are looking to support it but won’t be able to until they get their own MasterCard Principle License which they hope to have in the next 6-12 months.

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