Overview of UK Virtual Address

A UK Virtual Address (also known as mail forwarding) is a service whereby you are given an address in the UK to receive parcels to. The company then brings the parcels from the UK to Ireland. It is then left at a collection point or delivered to your door. They charge a small fee between €3.50-€4.50 per parcel. This allows you to take advantage of cheaper postage to the UK or for items that can only be delivered to the UK.

I have outlined all four of the major companies offering UK Virtual Address services to Ireland – Parcel Motel, Parcel Connect, Parcel Wizard and Address Pal. I really don’t think there is a overall best provider, instead there is a best provider based on a individuals needs. I find having to be home for Parcel Wizard off putting but others would prefer it. I currently use Parcel Motel the most and have received over 100 parcels with them. However, if there the delays continue over the coming weeks I might jump ship to Parcel Connect.

I’ve done up a table briefly explaining the main points on each service. I’ve reviewed Parcel Motel, Parcel Wizard, Parcel Connect and AddressPal individually and these posts go into more detail. I am unsure of the oversize fee and required pickup time for Parcel Connect but I have contacted them for clarification. I will update the post if I hear back.

The table below may not display perfectly on mobile devices yet – I am working on it!


Parcel Motel Parcel Wizard Parcel Connect AddressPal
Cost €3.95 €3.85 €4.50 €3.50
Maximum Weight 10KG 20KG 20KG 20KG
Maximum Size 41 × 38 × 64 cm 40cm x 40cm x 60cm 40cm x 40cm x 60cm 72cm x 31cm x 25cm
Oversize Fee  €7 if under 55KG dimensional weight. €7 per 10KG over 55KG. Based on DPD Ireland’s tariff rate  ?



Length: 1.5m
Length + Girth: 3m

Insurance €100 €100 €50 None
Where to collect Lockers Delivered to your Address Payzone Store Local Post Office
Time to Collect 48 Hours  N/A  ? 5 Working Days


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