P2P Lending Overview

This review was written before I signed up to DoFinance. As I have only just signed up there I will not be including it in this review.

I’ve been involved in P2P lending since January 2015 and have used four different websites – LinkedFinance, MintosTwino and VIAINVEST. There are plenty of other options out there but these were the four I joined. I’ve already done reviews of each of the platforms but decided to do a recap of how things are getting on. I feel I’ve been very lucky with how well P2P lending has gone for me and it sure beats the 0.4% offered by Rabo Direct on their savings account. I am getting slightly worried at the rate the industry is growing and wonder if it’s sustainable.

I do not have an even amount with each platform – you can see my spread below. I am still adding cash to the Mintos, VIAINVEST and Twino platforms but not Linked Finance.

Website % of my overall P2P Lending
Linked Finance 18%
Mintos 41%
Twino 14%
ViaInvest 27%

Linked Finance

Linked Finance is an Irish based company and the first P2P lending I used. I’ve stopped adding new funds to their platform and instead just reinvest the cash as I receive repayments on loans for two reasons (1) they moved away from a bidding system to a fixed interest rate systems and (2) there are some transparency issues raised on the boards thread which worry me.

I do not have an auto-invest set up with Linked Finance and instead manually invest in loans when my balance exceeds €50. I would question the thoroughness of the Linked Finance rating system and prefer to look into the company and financials myself. Without the auto-invest I have missed out on some loans I would have invested in but they were filled by the auto-invest bids.

To date, I haven’t had any missed payments or defaulted loans which I’m sort of surprised about. While I am very picky choosing who to invest in and avoid what I would consider fads or high risk such as cafés, donut bars, ice cream shops etc. I’d still expect one to run into troubles repaying.

The loans I’ve invested in have interest rates between 8% and 15%. I’ve copied the graph below to show the spread of interest rates v volume of loans that I’ve invested in. The majority of loans have an interest rate of about 10%.

I’ve been happy enough with results from Linked Finance but there have been incidents highlighted on the boards thread which has made be weary of investing more money through the platform. Also, for me investing through Linked Finance is more time consuming than the other two platforms.


Mintos is my favourite P2P lending site. All the loans I invest in with Mintos have a buyback guarantee. I set up a auto-invest on my Mintos account when I first signed up and haven’t touched anything yet. I occasionally log on to see how my loans are going. If I want to invest more with Mintos I do a bank transfer and once the money hits the Mintos platform the auto-invest feature kicks in and invests the cash.

I don’t have much more to say about Mintos other than everything has been going very well so far and I’m more than happy with the returns to date. Long may it continue.


It took a while for me to warm to Twino which is why it only makes up 14% of my P2P lending portfolio. Just like Mintos, I set up a an auto-invest when I first signed up and haven’t touched it since. One of the requirements for my auto-invest is that the loan must be backed by the Payment Guarantee. I decided to invest in one loan without the Payment Guarantee to see how it got on – the interest rate was nearly 30% and I expected it to default but it’s still repaying.

I’m beginning to slowly add more to my Twino account and ideally would like to get it on par with my Mintos balance. I’ve had no issues to date and it’s all be plain sailing.



I have only be investing with VIAINVEST for about a month now so the review linked above is pretty accurate. I don’t have much more to add at this time. So far I’m a big fan of VIAINVEST and hope to continue to add funds to the platform. I will do a recap on VIAINVEST after a few months.


If I had to rank the four P2P lending platforms I’ve tried it would be 1) Mintos, 2) VIAINVEST, 3) Twino and 4) Linked Finance. However, the first three are very close together. I’m a bit disappointed in the direction Linked Finance has taken and hope they improve there transparency so I can start adding more funds. I like the idea of being able to support Irish businesses. Regardless, P2P lending has been very profitable for me to date and I will be continuing to add funds in the future.

In the interest of full-disclosure, links to VIAINVEST, MINTOS are affiliate links. Should you click through to VIAINVEST, MINTOS via my affiliate link and make an investment I will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

3 Replies to “P2P Lending Overview”

  1. Hi Diesel,

    Excellent appraisal of the four P2P portals you have used. I

    I also use 2 of the 4 (Mintos & Twino) and the other two (Linked Finanace, VIAINVEST), I investigated and I shyed away from.

    My opinion : Mintos is just the best. Twino is not bad but in reality its a poor copy of Mintos. Twino seems to have some gremlins in its Auto Invest tool and also can have a shortage of Gauranteed loans, the rates on Twino gauranteed loans is typically not as good as Mintos either.

    Thinking about taking the plunge with DoFinance one of the days. Will let you know how that goes.

    In another article you mention you use Degiro ETF’s, how is that going for ya? what kind of ETF(s) did you go for , what are the Fee’s/returns like so far ? surely with International Stock Exchanges trading at All-Time peaks, any Stock market focused ETF is unlikely to see much upside going forward? Did you go for Property, Commodities, Currency etc. instead ?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Glad you liked the posts. Mintos would be my favourite P2P lending site, followed by Twino/Viainvest. I’ve come across two more which I will be looking at in the next few days. With the recent changes to LinkedFinance and their auto-bid I’ve been struggling to find suitable companies to lend to. I’ve decided to withdraw my funds from LinkedFinance as they are repaid.

      With Degiro, I’ve picked some individual companies shares to invest in which are going quite well especially Alibaba. I also invested in some ETFs mainly Vanguard S&P500 and Vanguard FTSE Europe as well as some short term government bonds. They wouldn’t be performing that well at the moment as they are all in USD which adds the currency risk. Any gains are offset by the weakening dollar. However, I am in it for the long run so I’m not worried yet. And sure, if it does go to pot, I’ll retire on my Bitcoins!

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