It has been far too long since I’ve made a post. I’ve got a long list of posts I want to do so hopefully I’ll get a post out every couple of days. As anyone who follows this blog would know, I have a N26 Black Current account with N26. The N26 Black account is their premium account in Ireland which costs €5.90 per month. It includes no foreign ATM fees, free travel insurance, mugging insurance, mobile phone insurance and extended warranty. When you sign up, you enter a 12 month contract. I’ve had to claim for delayed luggage on their travel policy and found it good.

I have been a N26 black customer for over 12 months now and was interested to see what happened when the contract was over. 8 weeks before the renewal date I received an email from N26 stating “In 8 weeks, your N26 Black membership will automatically renew for another year at a pricing of €5,90 per month.”  Then on the day of renewal I received another confirmation email saying the policy has been renewed for another year.

N26 seem to be very upfront and give you plenty of notice when the account is due for renewal. Once it is renewed you start another 12 month contract. I had hoped after the initial one year, it would roll over on a monthly basis but this isn’t the case.

Either way it doesn’t effect me. I’ve no plans to move bank accounts any time soon. I’m still very happy with N26.

You can view all posts about N26 on the Mega Post.

In the interest of full-disclosure, links to N26 are affiliate links. Should you click through to N26 via my affiliate link and sign up to their bank account I will receive a small commission payment. These affiliate payments have no impact on my reviewing of the product. If you believe I have been influenced by the potential commission when reviewing a product please call me out. 

I’m a big fan of Amazon Warehouse Deals. Amazon sell open box and returned items at a discount. All items come with 30 day money-back guarantee and are eligible for Prime shipping. Since Amazon has such a generous returns policy even for change of mind, a lot of these items are virtually brand new. Anytime I purchase an item on Amazon, I will go for Amazon Warehouse Deals if there is an option. I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve purchased my TV, headphones, saucepans, kitchen utensil set, kitchen bin, coffee machine and lots more under the Warehouse Deals option and have saved hundreds of pounds.

Amazon are currently offering a further 20% off selected Warehouse Deals prices. The discount will appear on the final checkout page. It will say 20% off below the price in the listing page if the item is eligible.

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It is no secret that I am a massive fan of N26. I signed up to N26 black around a year ago and have used it as my primary bank account since. There have been some small issues but overall I have been very happy. A month ago I was in America for three weeks due to work and took an Uber to and from the office each day. I’d often also get UberEats delivery in the evening. Each time I would also tip the driver. The way Uber charges the tip comes up as a separate transaction. This meant each day I’d have 6 transactions from Uber. I didn’t think anything of it and my N26 Black Card was working perfectly.

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I have always been a big fan of Parcel Motel from the beginning and would tend to defend them during the busy periods. I feel some people are unrealistic when they expect no delays during the Christmas rush, – as it is a locker system there is a finite number of parcels that can be stored in a motel at a time. With this in mind there are certain things Parcel Motel could consider doing to improve the experience.

If I was in charge I’d try to improve customer support during the busy periods. I seem to be in a minority but I find their customer support to be very good although it does slow down hugely during December. I’d also store multiple parcels for one person in the same locker, but still charge for two stays as you’re processing two parcels. There are times where I’ve gone to collect four parcels which would have fitted in one locker, but instead took up four. I’d also allow uses to select what days to accept deliveries to a motel. This would allow people who know they won’t be near a motel at the weekend to block weekends for deliveries. Their parcels would be held until Monday opening up space for other customers. I know there would be a lot of logistics and processes would need to be put in place for this to work – and now is the time to start thinking about it when you have almost a full year for development and testing before the next big rush.

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I’ve always been a bit surprised with just how expensive sending a one off parcel is with An Post at a post office. To post a 20KG parcel within Ireland costs €30.50, to the UK costs €61.50 and the rest of the world costs €82 for their Standard Parcel Service. I understand that this is for a one off parcel and if you are posting in bulk you will get significant discounts. However, what always struck me as strange is that An Post allows you to send a parcel under 10KG anywhere in Ireland for €13 (previously it was €11) by Express Post. What is annoying is that you need to ring them to order it and the parcel is collected from your address. I’d find it much more convenient to drop it off at a post office, but they said this wasn’t possible.

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