Earlier this week I posted that N26 has changed their ATM Fair Use Policy. Irish customers get 5 free euro ATM withdrawals per month with each additional euro ATM withdrawal costing €2. ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies incur a 1.7% fee. This fee is waived for N26 Black customers which means if you have a N26 black account you are limited to 5 free euro ATM withdrawals but had unlimited free ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies each month. This is a feature I have used a lot. In nearly a year of being a N26 Black customer I’ve completed 2 or 3 euro ATM withdrawals but probably close to 50 foreign withdrawals.

When I was last travelling two weeks ago, a notification appeared on my N26 app saying the ATM fair use policy starts today. This notification no longer displays – but I was certain it said ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies would be included in the fair use policy. I posted about this change and it appears I was the only one who got this notification. I reached out to N26 and they confirmed there has been no change to the ATM fair use policy.

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This article is incorrect. Please see clarification article.

I’ve been a N26 Black customer for nearly a year now and as I’ve said many times before I’m a massive fan. I have finally closed my last remaining Irish current account this week so its in N26 I trust. One big perk of N26 is that there are no currency conversion mark ups or fees – you pay the MasterCard rate on the day the transaction is processed. While this isn’t quite as good as Revolut’s rate the difference is negligible that I no longer use Revolut except as a backup.

One big perk and unusual feature with N26 Black is that you get 5 free ATM withdrawals per month within the eurozone but unlimited free ATM withdrawals outside the eurozone. This was great on my last trip as I did well more than 5 transactions and didn’t pay a cent in fees. However, they have closed this loop-hole now and the fair use policy applies to all ATM withdrawals. I received a in app notification of this change. They haven’t updated their pricing page to make this change clearer.

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This was the first time that I sent a parcel using Fastway’s Parcel Connect service. I’ve used it several times to receive items and never had any real issues, however, I always found Parcel Motel quicker and the 24 hour lockers give it the edge over Parcel Connect for me. I needed to return some items to Asos. They offer three free ways to return items – a prepaid An Post label, prepaid Parcel Connect label or return via MyReturns.ie. I used An Post’s ReturnMyShopping.ie service to return another parcel  to Boohoo so thought I’d give Parcel Connect’s return service a try for comparison.

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It’s been a while since I’ve sent a parcel using Parcel Motel but in the last two weeks I’ve had to send a lot of parcels so I thought it would be helpful to do some posts. I’ve reviewed sending with Parcel Motel and Collect+ before as well as using the standard Parcel Motel Send to UK Service.

In the last two weeks I’ve used the following services:

  • Parcel Motel and Collect+ to return a package to Amazon in the UK
  • Parcel Motel return to Next service
  • Parcel Motel standard Send to Ireland service
  • Parcel Motel return to UK with prepaid Hermes service
  • Parcel Connect return to Asos service
  • An Post/returnmyshopping.ie Return to Boohoo service

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I understand this will only be useful for a very limited number of N26 Black users. ShopRunner offers free 2 day delivery to the US with many retailers including American Eagle, Newegg and Bloomingdales. It is designed to compete with Amazon Prime. Normally ShopRunner costs $79 for the year however it comes free with many US credit cards.

ShopRunner is now available for free with MasterCard World Elite cards which includes N26 Black Cards. I signed up and it activated straight away. As I’ll be heading to America shortly I imagine I will end up using it quite a bit. They also have a Chrome Add On which will alert you if a ShopRunner retailer offers the item you are looking at for cheaper. I’m looking to pick up a new MacBook Air shortly and when browsing the Apple Store ShopRunner notified me that MacMall offer it for cheaper.

To get started just register on the ShopRunner MasterCard page.